How I finally fixed my wifi

I started getting complaints from my family a few months ago about the wifi in our home becoming spotty. With the great increase in internet use in my home due to distance learning and more internet use in general, dropped zoom video calls, slow and weak connections on the far side of the house, and the like were becoming the norm.

My wireless router at the time was a middle of the road router from 2012 and had served us well to date. But with so many devices now connecting to it, and likely new wireless frequency interference from many neighborhood devices, it was no longer adequate.

I first tried to simply add a wireless extender. That helped a little, but not too much. The connection in the room farthest from the wifi router was improved, but still slow.

So I researched new Wi-Fi routers. After reading numerous reviews, I arrived at some key features I was looking for. I wanted tri-band, so that there would be 3 connections to choose from. And I wanted a router which had an easy local setup, that didn’t require creating an account on some external site and did not need a phone app to be installed. The following TP-Link router fit the bill exactly!

TP-Link AC4000 Smart WiFi Router

After ordering it, it arrived the next day and installation was simple and fast! I just connected it to my internet network switch, plugged it in, then connected wirelessly to it from my laptop using the password information printed on a paper card that came in the router’s box. I then set up its name and new connection passwords and it was good to go.

I then went around the house to the various desktops, ipads, and laptops updating their wifi connections to the new router and password and running some speed tests. There was a lot of improvement in speed!

So there you have it, this is how I improved my house wifi for my families use. All in all it was a fast and painless process and I believe the new wifi router I bought will provide great service for a long time to come. It’s a purchase and result I feel good about.

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