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Welcome to, a site which aims to provide concise and useful answers to a large variety of how type questions. These questions often take the form of how to do something, how many, how old, how do I do something, how does something work, how can something be done, etc…

While there are many sites on the internet which provide answers, there are still many more questions, some of which remain unanswered. And people are continuously coming up with more and new questions. And sometimes the world changes and what was the right explanation at one point may no longer be correct. This site is solely focused on how questions, not other types of queries.

Ever expanding, this site currently has answers to many questions about how many calories in a particular food item, in various quantities or volumes such as a tablespoon (tbsp), cup, packet, etc… It also gives information on flight times, such as how long is the flight to Taiwan.

There are many ways to find information on this site. One of the easiest is by using the menu above. Click on the general category of question you’re looking for an answer to. E.g. Flight times. That will pull up a page listing the various posts this site has on that subject. Then select one of those posts that is relevant to your query.

Another option is to use the search box, located in the upper right of the webpage. It can also be interesting to explore some of the pages that have been seeing the most visitors. These are listed on the right in the “Popular Posts” section. The number of recent views for these posts is also shown there.

Thank you for visiting this site, and hope it helped you find the “how” information you’re looking for.

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